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to Landlords

Allowing an unbiased reputable and experienced rental inspector to conduct a thorough pre ingoing inspection before you decide to let your property is beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant.  As a landlord, you are still required to be compliant with rules and laws set out by The Rental Housing Act, to prevent issues and act accordingly on matters that are brought forward to The Rental Housing Tribunal. Should the landlord or the rental agent acting on behalf of the landlord fail to schedule an inspection of the property, no money can be deducted from the tenant’s deposit at a later stage. A home that has not been inspected is assumed to be in good condition. It is the landlord’s responsibility to undertake any reparations that were identified during the inspection prior to the tenant moving in unless agreed otherwise in writing by all parties.


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Inspections are required prior to occupation as well as at the end of a lease where an unbiased professional and accurate inspection needs to be done with the landlord and tenant present, by taking photographs and list the property room by room including outbuildings and the garden and note any defects. All three parties must then sign the rental inspection document and it is advised that quarterly interim inspections be carried out as well.

Even though you are the owner of the home, the tenant will be living there for a period of time and they should feel safe and at home.

Give tenants the opportunity to voice their desires and concerns. If for instance they request a security gate you should consider installing one. It could also benefit you in the long term as homes with security features are more in demand nowadays. Let your tenants know by means of your rental agent that they are free to voice their opinions and requests.

Worried about your tenants not paying you?

Have your tenants been screened correctly? As a landlord it can be a risk having a tenant that hasn’t been screened correctly! The Rental Inspector uses the TPN services like all other agencies to ensure that your new prospective tenant has undergone the correct references checks. This simple check provides you with the breakdown you need to know about your prospective tenant.

Do you have a longstanding tenant who has exceeded their initial rental deposit?

A tenant who has paid their rental deposit a few years ago and now has exceeded their rental deposit over a duration of time, and you have encountered a loss due to the damages caused and now your tenant wants to vacate and has exceeded their initial rental deposit and doesn’t want to compensate you for these damages? With our regular interim inspections, The Rental Inspector will help you manage the condition report of your property in question, accordingly, keeping you updated with our unbiased 3rd party inspection reports.

Uncertain about who may be liable for damages (tenant or landlord) /general maintenance required by you as the landlord or negligence done by your tenant?

While repairs to the structure of the home (like replacing tiles on the roof, attending to rising damp that comes from the ground and repairing a burst geyser) are the landlord’s responsibility to fix, For example, if the tenant is responsible for mould/mildew forming on the bathroom walls because the windows weren’t open often enough to allow for ventilation this will now be the tenant’s responsibility to repair. With the aid of our friendly and trained inspectors and our comprehensive inspection reports which are required by The Rental Housing Act for any individual rental property in question, we will objectively aid to the best of our ability, we will point you/your tenant in question in the best way we can. Our Inspection reports are a requirement with The Rental Housing act and can be used in arbitration if matters are referred to The Rental Housing Tribunal.

Renting out your property independently?

We provide our full range of comprehensive inspection reports to all landlords.

Get your property "RENT READY"!

With our pre-ingoing inspection reports. The pre-ingoing inspection will be able to assist you to identify any defects that the property may have and allow you as the landlord to repair faults before letting out your property. If a landlord does not attend to defects timeously this can end up costing a lot of money, including missing out on rental income while repairs are undertaken.

Manage your Tenants rental concerns (damage and maintenance issues professionally and hassle free!

While most defects will be detected during the inspection this is not always possible and sometimes tenants only discover defaults when they are already living in the property. Tenants are usually given two weeks to submit a snag list of problems in writing to the agent however with our integrated rental inspection software, your tenants can create an online maintenance ticket and allow for a description of the issue at hand keeping communication open and also making the tenant responsible for safeguarding your property hassle free between both parties.

Notice that your tenant has caused extensive damage to your property and is scheduled to vacate soon?

A pre outgoing inspection is required by The Rental Housing Act to document all damages prior to the tenant leaving your property no later than three days before the end of the lease. This allows for the tenant and landlord know before the end of the lease the current condition of the property allowing time to the tenant to fix the issues at hand which the rental deposit may not be enough to cover the damages caused during their lease.