Services Offered to Property Managers and Rental Agencies

Services to

Property Managers and Rental Agencies

Key collections and drop offs / Key management

We understand that your rental team have busy lives and it can be a hassle for you or them to collect and drop off keys during a move in or a move out of a rental property, as well as managing the number and location of the keys in question – with our assistance we can handle this for you at an additional fee depending on the travel distance required to collect and drop off keys. With our inspection reports there is no additional charge for documenting the keys on hand at the current property.

We work in collaboration with your Maintenance Team

Use our service and allow our inspection reports to fit in with your maintenance team, here we can flag any issues during our inspections for the attention of your maintenance team to address accordingly at no additional charge. Tenants who have received an Inspection report have the ease of access and can create a maintenance ticket during their lease which gets sent directly to your maintenance team.

Collecting signatures

We capture signatures from all relevant parties to ensure that all agree with the current condition of the inspection in question done. This assists with avoiding disputes that may arise during or after the rental agreement.

We handle your Inspection bookings

Let us know in advance when your tenant is scheduled to move in or planning on moving out of their rental and we will arrange a time and date to do the inspection that suits everyone accordingly: Our open system of communication liases with you, your rental team, maintenance team and the tenant in question.

We assist with month end and beginning of the month (move in / move out) inspection rush

With our reliable team of professional rental inspectors and our dedicated admin staff, let us take the stress off from you / your rental team, allowing you to spend your time on more important things / saving you time and providing a hassle-free service.

Do you have a Rental Portfolio with longstanding tenants?

A Interim inspection may be necessary as the tenant may have exceeded the damage /rental deposit done to the property over their extended lease period.

Same day Inspection report delivery

With our efficient team, we strive to provide a same day delivery and a maximum of 24hour lead time on the inspection reports we provide.

Urgent Inspections required?

With our organised team we can effectively slot in your inspection booking with ease.