Types of Inspections Offered

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The Rental Inspector provides a full detailed, easy to read thorough electronic inspection property report which includes date and time stamped images of the exterior and interior condition of your property which include: appliances, amenities, the number of rooms and the types of rooms which are inspected.


This is the most important inspection and generally very comprehensive in detail, also known as the original condition report, here both the landlord, agent or any 3rd party representing the landlord is required to be present along with the tenant to conduct a (joint inspection) to conclude the current condition of the property, amenities and appliances have all been checked prior to move in of the tenant.  Designed to protect both parties.


These inspections are generally overlooked, they are initiated by the landlord and can be done quarterly, mid-way or yearly through the rental agreement, in which most cases are already stipulated in standard rental agreements: to ensure an overview of general cleanliness is being maintained by the tenant, amenities and appliances are in working order and to record any damage that may have occurred during the course of the lease agreement. It also provides the tenant with the opportunity to point out any maintenance related issues on the property for the Landlord to attend to.


This inspection is forgotten about, and required by the Rental Housing Act and to be conducted no later than three days before the end of the lease agreement. The Inspection provides the tenant with the overview of damages that may have occurred to the property, that need to be fixed and allows the tenant the time needed to address and fix these damages done to the property before the final exit /out-going inspection.

Inventory Inspection reports

The inventory inspection also known as stock/item control, this inspection is designed for rental properties that are furnished and rented out by investors and landlords to tenants who require a furnished property and popular in vacation/getaway holiday rentals. The inventory inspection is usually time consuming as all items included in the rental agreements need to be captured by each room and individually recorded. This inspection assists with determining if there has been any loss or damage to the items of the furnished rental property in question.


The exit inspection is to evaluate any damages, wear and tear done to the property at the end of the lease agreement, which will be compared to (the in-going inspection vs the exit inspection) to point out any damages that have occurred during the occupation of the tenant during the rental agreement.